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The Dizzy Izzy Shop


Hello! You were probably expecting to arrive at The Dizzy Izzy Shop ... You sort of have!

We (Helen & Julie) have been running both The Dizzy Izzy Shop and The Felt Fairy for a while, with a similar product range in both shops. This got rather complicated rather quickly, so we have decided to merge the two shops together under The Felt Fairy name.

You can find all the Dizzy Izzy products (and more!) with the same great service and the added bonus of free UK delivery on orders over £5.

The biggest change, apart from the shop name, is the names of the felt shades. One of the biggest complications of running the two stores side by side, is that we have exactly the same range of felt, but with different names for some shades in each shop ... not ideal! As we sell the majority of our felt via The Felt Fairy it makes most sense to use The Felt Fairy's names for the shades.

Click here to see the new Felt Fairy Shade Card.

Click here for a list showing how the Dizzy Izzy shade names relate to The Felt Fairy shade names.

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